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Trusted Durban Locksmith Services

Keys for Africa specialise in the replacement of both keys and locks as well as in the reprogramming of car keys. New state-of-the-art technology for transformer keys and keyless entry is at our finger tips. You are unlikely to come across an access control glitch that we are not able to resolve.

Our Comprehensive Locksmithing Services

As a locksmith in Durban, experienced in the area of advanced locksmithing, we are fully capable and geared up for cutting and coding keys as well as opening and supplying replacement keys for all vehicle and building types. These include: motorcycles as well as domestic residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We are proficient at mechanical duplication in the replacement of lost keys as well as the re-coding of electronic keys and transponder units.

In addition to keys, we supply the entire lock assembly and ignition mechanisms in integrated central locking environments.

In support of our “stated objective, to “minimise clients security risk”, we offer additional services in terms of access control systems, testing, maintenance and service, and repair thereof. Keys for Africa therefore offer building owners an all-round, one-stop shop for complete peace of mind.

We are fully engineered and have full capability strengths to undertake even the most niche work.

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